What's Next for Mercury Nexus

Welcome to your monthly digest on what's currently in development and due to be released over the coming weeks. 

CRM/Client Centre Updated Audit Log

new feature

We have been expanding the data captured in the CRM Audit Log to include all Client Centre activity, so you'll be able to stay up to date with who's doing what across your Opportunities. 

Loanapp Integration

new feature 

We've been working on the integration between Loanapp and Nexus so that you can submit to Loanapp lenders easily from Nexus. This feature will work in much the same way as Mercury 5, just with a simplified workflow. 

Grid Column and Preferences 


We've been working to improve the layout of columns across all grids in Nexus, so you don't need to resize, add or shuffle columns around and your preferences will be remembered. A few fixes have already dropped, with more just around the corner. 

We'll have plenty more features, fixes and improvements to share with you next month.