Stay up to date and minimise distractions by managing notifications

Did you know it can take around 25 minutes to get back on track after a distraction? Good notification management helps productivity.

In Mercury Nexus, you can control how and if you receive notifications for:

  • Client Centre Accessed
  • Credit Report Received
  • Client Centre Progress Updated
  • Client Centre Submitted
  • Document Uploaded
  • Disclosure Documents Requested
  • Opportunity Status Updated
  • Task Updated
  • Task Completed

You can manage your notification as follows:

  1. Open the Admin app and select My Details from the main left-hand menu.
  2. Navigate to Notifications in the top menu.
  3. Use the drop-down to toggle between the notifications available for the Client Centre, Doc Centre, Commissions, Opportunities and Tasks.
  4. Use the check boxes to select if you would like to receive a notification via the Notification Centre, Email and/or SMS.
  5. If you check Client Centre Progress Updated, you will receive notifications for every change the client makes in the Client Centre.
  6. Navigate away from the tab to save your changes