Add or replace an image in your email templates

Adding a banner image to your emails can be a great way to make them stand out. With Mercury Nexus you can easily customise email images and templates to suit your business.

To load an image into an email:

1. Navigate to Admin from the Mercury Dashboard.
2. On the left hand menu, select CRM settings and click on Email Templates.

3. Click on the + to add a new template, or click on an existing template to edit
4. Click on More Rich
5. Click on the Image Icon
6. Search for any image you would like to use - this could be from a Google image search, your website etc.
7. Right click on the image, and click on Copy Image Address.
8. Go back to your email template and paste the Image Address into the image link field.
9. Your image will appear, and you can adjust the size to fit your email.

If you would like to use your own images, you can upload your images to an image hosting platform and then repeat the same process above. Some Image Hosting platforms we recommend are:

You can learn more about loading images into your email templates here