Resolved: Borrowing Capacity Calculators

We've released a fix that resolved an issue impacting access Borrowing Capacity Calculators.

We thank you for your patience as our team worked with NextGen to rectify the problem. If you have any further issues please let us know via the Mercury Helpdesk or through your BSM. 


The Mercury Nexus Team

Changes to Kanban and Sales Funnel report

We implemented a change to the Kanban and Sales Funnel Report that now requires you to nominate your statuses when you load the Kanban for the first time. These statuses will then be remembered every time you reload the Kanban.  

This morning when the feature was released we had an issue where only 15 statuses were displaying. 

This has since been resolved.

Locate business addresses and numbers with ease

You can now quickly find business details from your Opportunity.

The Contacts tab, located in the sub menu on the left, will now display a company contact card containing the business address and phone number.

We're continually improving Mercury Nexus to save you time and make running your business smoother. 

Personalise your Mercury Nexus view

You can now personalise your Mercury Nexus view and move columns to the order that suits you best. Mercury Nexus now automatically remember these preferences the next time you visit. 

This is just another example of how Mercury Nexus saves you time and allows you to work the way you want to.

Important Update to the Borrowing Capacity Calculations

Based on feedback we received from you, we have made changes to improve the accuracy of servicing estimates in the Borrowing Capacity Calculator. 

These changes effect the expense categories "Living Expenses", :"Education" and "Insurance" which have been consolidated into:

  • Basic/Standard Living Expenses
  • Additional Living Expenses

When you create a calculation from an opportunity, living expenses will be repopulated into the categories "Basic/Standard" and "Additional" Living Expenses.

See the Connective Wiki for more information on Living Expenses. 

Please note that existing calculations will not be effected by these changes, though you may consider recreating them to regenerate the living expense categories.